Telemedicine Healthcare – 4G Health Focused Smartwatch with AI Medical Cloud Portal for Remote Vital Sign Monitoring and Patient Safeguarding

CPNSair’s new AI Medical Healthcare Cloud Service (AIMCS) provides a long-term cost-effective addition to the future development of telemedicine to assist doctors and medical professionals to remotely monitor their patients’ vital signs and health conditions, plus captures personal health feedback from patients, allowing AIMCS to automatically alert doctors to any key changes or concerns relating to their patient’s health status.

What is the Healthcare AI Medical Cloud Service?

Our AI Medical Cloud Service (AIMCS) is a new “proactive” medical monitoring service based on the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, that can remotely monitor patients in their own homes or residents in Care Homes, using a medically dedicated smartwatch to read a person’s vital signs (heart rate, ECG, HRV, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure) and blood glucose. There is also a condition based personal health diary, which asks the patient a concise list of questions every day, that require a simple yes/no answer or selecting from a scaled five-star rating, for example “how is your fatigue today?” score 1-5 and “what is your level of pain today?”  

All this can be performed remotely and easily by patients themselves with the simple touch of the smartwatch screen, which then measures their vital signs and displays the personal health diary questions, then once complete, securely sends the data and diary notes to the AIMCS Cloud Portal.

Doctors can review the results via a computer browser by logging onto the secure AIMCS Cloud Portal, available here are daily vital sign measurements with a full history displayed in a clear graphical and tabular format (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or year) along with real-time data and health diary notes for each patient, with any patients showing signs of concern being highlighted in red.

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The above screenshot shows a summary view of all patients being monitored with warning indicators. Also this display will indicate if any patient has triggered SOS alerts.
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The above screenshot shows Real Time Temperature and Heart Rate for each individual patient with warning indicators. Also this display will indicate if patient has triggered SOS alerts.
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Some key Medical Conditions AIMCS can proactively monitor and analyse

  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Hypertension (blood pressure)
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Covid-19 / Long-Covid

Key Vital Signs Recorded by AIMCS

  • Heart rate and HRV + ECG
  • Oxygen SP02 saturation
  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Blood glucose

AIMCS with its smart artificial intelligence features is designed to automatically spot and highlight patterns in patient’s health data using smart data profiling which can highlight potential health problems that are of concern, and visually present this information to doctors or healthcare professionals. Essentially, AIMCS is acting as an “early warning system” for many health conditions and can proactively alert medical staff about issues from consistent vital sign measurements, coupled with the patient’s own personal daily health diary feedback.

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Above screenshot shows historical medical data with warning indicators

AIMCS was always designed to fulfil a comprehensive range of automated remote monitoring and analysis tasks for numerous medical conditions, ranging from heart conditions, hypertension to asthma and potentially even long-Covid.

Though AIMCS is not restricted to just a few common conditions or just monitoring a single condition, it can monitor people with multiple health conditions, as AIMCS uses condition profiles that can be easily defined for individual patients, so providing doctors with accurate and appropriate remote patient monitoring capabilities for people with underlying health conditions 24/7.


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How does Healthcare AI Medical Cloud Service work?

CPNSair can provide Doctors Practices and Care Homes with a simple and inexpensive 4G health focused smartwatch that a patient simply wears on their wrist. This smartwatch continuously monitors the patient’s heart rate and temperature and can capture other key vital signs (blood pressure, SP02, ECG, HRV) plus blood glucose from patients in about just one minute, with a simple press on the smartwatch screen. This data is then sent securely to the AIMCS Azure Cloud directly from the 4G smartwatch and the patients’ data is immediately available to doctors at their surgery or hospital via the secure AIMCS Cloud Portal using a web browser.

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Introducing a new way of remote monitoring for Doctors and Patients

With AIMCS we would like to introduce a new “home self-monitoring” option to doctors, allowing their patients to operate a simple to use smartwatch that can quickly and easily take their vital signs, as frequently as the doctor requires. The AIMCS solution is designed to provide maximum flexibility for doctors and healthcare professionals, allowing an affordable solution (device and cloud service) to be provided to patients’ who would benefit from close remote monitoring. Some patients may need to be assigned a smartwatch long term, with other patients, doctors may want to monitor them and record results over a week or perhaps a month, to provide a better overall picture of their health status or conditions for the doctor, with a new proactive continuous monitoring approach.

All this is now possible with AIMCS, as this is a very flexible solution to better aid the expanding “telemedicine” approach that many doctors and healthcare departments are now implementing during the Covid-19 pandemic. AIMCS has been specially designed to work in close synergy with existing health service IT systems and the voice/video call conferencing that doctors now use on a daily basis with patients.  

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Patient Interaction with the AIMCS Vital Sign Measuring Process is One Simple Step

The smartwatch is the ideal device for patients to measure their own vital signs, when they are at rest, seated and not moving, then with a simple single touch of the smartwatch screen and tap on measure vital signs icon, the smartwatch will automatically measure the patient’s blood pressure, SP02 oxygen level, heart rate, ECG, HRV, temperature and stress level. The whole process takes about one minute to complete.  

The patient needs to do nothing else, as the vital sign data is automatically transferred to the AIMCS cloud, it is that simple. The measuring of vital signs can be repeated as often as doctors recommend for the individual patient, from once a day to several times a day.

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AIMCS Health Smartwatch with Smart Safeguarding (SOS) Alert
“call for assistance” and Intelligent 24/7 Motion Monitoring

AIMCS smart “safeguarding” is a new feature that will allow people to send a help (SOS) request should they need urgent assistance (such as falling, being immobile or suddenly becoming very ill) and via real-time monitoring AIMCS can automatically detect many of these same issues with continuous background monitoring. AIMCS can notify particular medical/social service authorities for the need of assistance for patients, be they at home, out and about or located in care homes.

The AIMCS smartwatch can constantly remotely monitor peoples two key vital signs, heart rate and temperature and AIMCS knows where people are located (via GPS) and the system can intelligently identify if there has been any movement or indeed no movement detected, over a specified period. So, monitoring a person’s physical movements combined with real-time bio-medical data readings we can provide automatic 24/7 monitoring and safeguarding cover for patients wearing the AIMCS smartwatch, which is especially important for vulnerable people who are living alone.  

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Above is the simple Help (SOS) screens and process that the wearer will see, simply swipe left and the SOS screen appears, touch Send Now and then touch Confirm and the SOS request (SMS) is immediately transmitted to the designated number, which could be any emergency call centre or department dedicated to providing emergency services or patient care.

The SOS message transmitted, will contain the person’s name, their GPS location with Waze Map link, the last recorded medical status and 4G sim number, so emergency call handlers can make quick decisions and send whatever assistance is required.

Sending Automatic (un-assisted) Safeguarding SOS Alerts

Additionally, using the intelligent monitoring capabilities of the AIMCS smartwatch, the system is configured to proactively act as a “personal guardian” for vulnerable people. For example, it will automatically send an urgent SOS alert to a designated emergency centre, should it detect no heart rate or a seriously abnormal low or high heart rate from the patient, together with no movement, as this would indicate a medical emergency is occurring. We call this a “code red alert” that requires urgent attention, though AIMCS can be configured to automatically send a range of medical or assistance alerts according to a predefined list of medical parameters set by doctors, even on an individual patient basis if that is a desired function. We believe this kind of safeguarding can be literally a potential lifesaver in many instances, especially when there is no one around to help.   

AIMCS Can monitor sleep patterns

The AIMCS smartwatch can automatically monitor and record a person’s sleep patterns, wearing the watch when sleeping, it will detect deep sleep, light sleep, REM and awake time. Providing a clear graphical record for medical professionals to analyse a person’s sleep pattern and allow for a longer term measuring of their sleep, potentially enabling a better diagnosis of background medical or mental health issues, it certainly will be a valuable diagnose tool for detecting people with sleep apnoea.

Annual/Periodic Health Check-up /Assessments (7 day monitoring annually)

One key area where we envisage that AIMCS could provide huge long-term benefits in healthcare is patient annual health assessments, for doctors, hospitals, and health insurance companies. If doctors can assign an AIMCS smartwatch to a patient for a 7-day period annually, then AIMCS can gather a baseline of key vital sign data together with personal health diary notes every year for that individual patient.

Even if a patient is viewed as healthy and currently has no known underlying health conditions, it will provide a detailed annual health assessment of that individual patient that can be monitored annually going forward, and a week of data gathering would allow for AIMCS to detect any potential health issues or concerns by recording and analysing a 7-day period of vital sign data.

Our view is this could be a potential game changer in remote telemedicine healthcare, by being proactive in capturing medical data even in healthy people and then following this process annually to evaluate year on year, any changes in their health status or concerns that are detected over a weeklong period, rather than just a 30-minute annual visit to the doctor’s office for an annual check-up.

Over-time, this could easily prove to be a most powerful, cost effective, and proactive tool for diagnosing medical conditions or issues before they become major or severe problems for patients. So, enabling doctors to diagnose conditions, recommend early treatments, and prevent escalations of detected conditions, which in turn will reduce healthcare system treatment costs and lead to a potential better quality of life for the patient. Getting ahead of the curve is what AIMCS can achieve for your organisation.       

AIMCS Cost Saving Benefits to Healthcare Organisations

AIMCS has been designed as a proactive monitoring solution that can help improve patients’ quality of life and healthcare treatment, by potentially detecting early warning signs in conditions so doctors can provide treatment plans at an early, rather than later stage, which would also impact the direct cost savings for healthcare providers with potentially less expensive and evasive treatments.

Monitoring patient’s with long term underlying health conditions can also provide doctors with important continuous data as to how well a particular treatment plan is working, without any delay in waiting to meet with the patient to get results. By definition if AIMCS can improve healthcare monitoring then there is greater scope for such a health service provider to make a more targeted and cost-effective approach by reducing time delays, removing some administration expenses, dealing more efficiently with treatment waiting lists, and generally bringing in a more resourceful process for patients and doctors alike, as time often equals money.   

The Practical Considerations – AIMCS smartwatch is one device with many functions

With AIMCS using a 4G smartwatch, this is really the easiest and most practical way for remotely monitoring patients at home and the best and simplest way for patients to carry out the daily vital sign measurements themselves, by merely touching the smartwatch screen, “keeping it simple”.

The smartwatch form factor also better facilitates the safeguarding of patient’s as it is a watch that they wear, that can monitor their heart rate and temperature constantly, knows their location (GPS) and with its motion sensors detects if they are moving. For vulnerable people living alone, knowing that they have immediate access to an SOS (911 emergency) button on their wrist all the time, plus intelligent automated background monitoring that acts as a smart guardian for them, should the smartwatch detect any major health issues, falls or non-movement, it can only provide additional comfort and peace of mind for patients living alone.  

From all the smartwatches currently available on the market, the customised AIMCS health focused smartwatch provides a clear practical intelligent solution, in providing accurate real-time and historic healthcare monitoring with the addition of smart safeguarding functionality designed to “have your back” if you are the wearer of the AIMCS smartwatch. One practical device, rather than multiple devices that perform single functions, AIMCS is easy to use, requires minimal user input, but provides so many potential health monitoring benefits for both the patient and their doctors.

Looking beyond Covid-19, AIMCS can spot patterns, assisting Healthcare Professionals combat Covid-19 (Coronavirus) by automatic Patient Monitoring and Providing “Early Warning” alerts with Hot Spot visual Heat Maps for future viruses along with seasonal infections

For example, the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) could have a AIMCS AI profile that looks to spot high temperature readings along with poor oxygen saturation levels, loss of smell and taste in patients. If these data readings are present, then AIMCS will automatically flag up the patients with these symptoms so doctors can take a more proactive approach in contacting them and taking any appropriate action.      

The AIMCS solution is designed to look well beyond the current Covid-19 virus pandemic, as it can easily detect patterns and trends, the signatures of any future viruses or variants, by profiling for any specific symptoms or ailments that the system is told to look out for.

AIMCS is a smart future-proofed multi-functional application in being able to monitor and detect many potential health conditions on a continuous basis, not just SARS like viruses but even more usual seasonal infections and bugs like the flu, bronchiolitis, or norovirus.

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Individual patient home monitoring and especially daily vital sign monitoring of patients/residents in Care Homes, AIMCS could gather and ascertain in real-time any likely “virus hot spots” in specific facilities or locations, even identifying suspect patients, so immediate quarantine or further action could be considered.

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This remote monitoring capability could generate automatic alerts and reports to the relevant authorities so action can be considered and taken quickly based upon actual medical data that AIMCS provides. And because AIMCS gathers data locally it can be utilised by health authorities for national planning this can greatly assist both local and national authorities with vital real-time information about actual virus hotspots.

Should you want to know more about AIMCS solution or would like to consider working with CPNSair, then please complete the contact form below or alternatively you can email or phone us.

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